Access Debt Relief Affiliate Program

Access Debt Relief connects Americans seeking debt relief the opportunity to connect with a large network of organizations that specialize in providing debt relief options, including debt consolidation and debt settlement. Qualified debt types include credit card, personal loan, student loan, tax, and more.

Marketer Advantages

Conversion occurs on unique and valid form submission. Payout is competitive within the sub-prime vertical for general debt lead gen.

Traffic Restrictions: Incent, Co-registration, Proxy server traffic and Call center traffic will not be paid for. Creative implying that a user has been pre-approved and/or approved for a loan or will be 100% accepted is strictly prohibited and will not be paid for. Use of creative material that has not been approved and is non-compliant will not be paid for.

*Email Traffic: All .gov email addresses must be suppressed
Countries: US Only
Pixel: Postback URL only

If you are interested in marketing this program, please contact us.