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Monetize your online marketing efforts with our leading brand-name programs and exclusive offers. Whether you focus on website marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, or other online channels, we can help you maximize your revenue opportunities.

We are committed to creating beneficial relationships and are dedicated to helping you succeed and meet your revenue goals. We know that dependability and results are crucial. Our dependability extends across all impacting areas including our experienced and available staff, payouts, program performance, tracking and reporting. Our pay-for-performance model allows you to earn commissions for the sales or leads you generate.

QResults System

QResults was designed in-house as part of our proprietary tracking system and provides details on the location, performance and conversions of individual traffic sources. With the results from QResults, we can help analyze all traffic sources running through our network.

It’s important to make the most of your marketing efforts and finding the right placements for the right programs is essential. Our QResults system can help you identify and analyze your placements. By utilizing our tracking options, you can drill down into detailed reports to monitor, review, and adjust placements. By learning where programs are performing best, you can concentrate your marketing efforts to optimize your time and increase your profitability.

Providing insight into placements is just one aspect of QResults. QResults is also able to help pinpoint quality sources and affiliates have benefited from increased commissions from merchants seeking their quality customers.

Utilizing our QResults system can have a big impact on the overall performance of the offers in our network.

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