Bulldog Media Group Hosts 7th Annual Social

MADISON, S.D. – Bulldog Media Group, Inc. hosted the 7th annual Holiday Social on December 3, 2009 at the corporate office in Madison, SD. The Holiday Social allows for business partners and community members to learn about the field of online marketing and the services that Bulldog Media Group, Inc. provides as well as to get acquainted with the current staff.

Darin Namken, President of Bulldog Media Group, Inc. had several announcements regarding a new name, new divisions, new staff, and new products. Mike Waldner, Division Development Director, is launching The RewardsRunner Network™ with www.rewardsrunner.com in beta testing expecting a full launch before Christmas. Infusion Strategies is under the management of Scott Delzer and consists of the List Management, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisitions portions of Bulldog Media Group, Inc. Lisa Robson directs the operations of our longest running division, CommissionSoup, our successful CPA Affiliate Network. Camelyn Sims oversees all of the divisions as the Operations Manager of Bulldog Media Group, Inc.

With the addition of new divisions came the decision to change the corporate name from CreditSoup, Inc. to Bulldog Media Group, Inc. Looking to the values and roots of the co-founders,Darin Namken, Todd Knodel and Chad Ekroth; being family-orientated and having a strong belief in a solid education and solid community presence, the name was inspired by the bulldog mascot of the Madison Central School District and ‘Media Group’ encompasses the whole media company.

Two very new employees were added to the staff, Eric Backstrom has been hired as the Marketing Manager and Autumn Rasmussen has joined the RewardsRunner™ division as a Strategic Marketing Coordinator. “We are very excited about the experience and professionalism that these two individuals possess,” stated Namken. “We will be putting their intelligence to good use.”

Namken continued with announcements by stating “The newest product we will be marketing will be our own prepaid card…The RewardsRunner Prepaid Card.” He stated, “Our financial experience and marketing expertise makes this a perfect match and we look forward to great success with this product.”

“In January 2010 Bulldog Media Group, Inc. will celebrate 10 years in business,” declared Namken. “As one of the longest running Online Marketing Company’s, Bulldog Media Group, Inc. has made great strides in this field and with the help of great employees and business partners we are excited about the challenges and opportunities that are ahead for the next 10 years.”

The evening continued with good food, good drinks and good conversation.