Bulldog Media Group Hosts 8th Annual Holiday Social

Bulldog Media Group, Inc. will host the 8th annual Holiday Social on December 2, 2010 at the corporate office in Madison, SD. The Holiday Social allows for business partners and community members to learn about the field of online marketing and the services that Bulldog Media Group, Inc. provides as well as to get acquainted with the current staff.

Darin Namken, President of Bulldog Media Group, Inc. will introduce several new 2010 additions to the staff as well as announce visions of growth for 2011 and beyond.

Kristin Sanford joined the Infusion Strategies team as the new Strategic Sales Associate. With 4 years of sales and marketing experience, Sanford will be using her enthusiasm and experience to distinguish her client’s needs and develop strategic marketing opportunities. As Strategic Sales Associate of Infusion Strategies, Sanford will analyze our current partnerships to develop ways to expand our affiliations while cultivating new alliances within the industry.

Charlie Moore joined the Bulldog Media Group, Inc family as Marketing Manager. With over 15 years of sales, marketing, and customer relations experience, Moore will be responsible for the overall marketing, public awareness, and perception of Bulldog Media Group, Inc and each of its divisions.

Two new web application developers were added to provide additional technical support and development for The RewardsRunner Network, Dan Buresh and Steve Wolterstorff. Buresh and Wolterstorff bring additionally advanced experience, education and knowledge to the company and the RewardsRunner division that will greatly impact future development.

Along with new staff members, will be the acknowledgement of longevity awards.

Scott Delzer, Infusion Strategies Division Development Director, has recently celebrated 10 years with Bulldog Media Group. Since joining Bulldog Media Group, Inc. he has served in a number of roles including e-Business Product Manger, e-Marketing Account Executive, and CommissionSoup Manager. Delzer has been with this company during all the changes, growth, and diversification and has always brought forth ideas for change and an attitude that ‘change is good’. “The growth and success of our company is largely dependent on having strong and capable staff members such as Delzer”, stated Namken. “We are thankful for the years of service he has with, and continues to give, Bulldog Media Group.”

Also celebrating a milestone is Lisa Robson, CommissionSoup Division Development Director. Robson began as a Client Service Associate and then was promoted to Quality Control Manager in December of 2006 and then again to Division Director in March of 2008. “Her promotions are a tribute to her work ethic and contributions to this company”, stated Camelyn Sims, Operations Manager. “Robson’s willingness to go the extra mile to make her department successful is truly amazing”.

About Bulldog Media Group, Inc: Bulldog Media Group, Inc. provides a wide range of online marketing services to help marketers reach targeted consumers and better monetize their online audience. We specialize in online marketing through a variety of platforms including lead generation, data management, email marketing, an affiliate network, and display advertising to provide flexible and complete solutions with exceptional campaign performance.