CommissionSoup Expands Online Marketing Solutions

MADISON, S.D. - The affiliate marketing industry has evolved substantially within the last decade. CommissionSoup has been at the forefront of that evolution. CommissionSoup was founded in 2000 and has grown substantially since its inception. CommissionSoup continues to expand in order to provide clients with the most extensive and comprehensive services possible.

CommissionSoup recently hired two new employees, Megan Bushfield and Dustin Leuning, as graphic designers. CommissionSoup expanded considerably in 2006 to meet the demands of an increasing client pool and the 2007 forecast looks as bright. Bushfield and Leuning will design advertisements for clients as well as CommissionSoup's array of in-house programs. They both bring extensive experience in graphic design and multimedia development.

As part of their online marketing solutions package, CommissionSoup provides a variety of services to their clients including a marketing and graphics department to create compelling advertisements; a compliance department complete with fraud check and quality control; complete and personal customer service and a unique proprietary tracking system. CommissionSoup offers quality programs and works with top affiliates, ensuring a successful marketing relationship.

"Marketers no longer rely on the internet to serve simply as an awareness tool. Branding and retention efforts are no longer measured by the volume of clicks," said Darin Namken, President of CommissionSoup. "Today, merchants demand a complete online marketing solutions package as provided by CommissionSoup to promote a higher volume of loyal, long-term customers."

Affiliate marketing is the relationship between merchants and web site owners known as affiliates. Merchants use the web to promote their products and services on affiliate web sites. In exchange for advertising a merchant product on their web site, the merchant agrees to pay out a commission based on the success of the traffic. With a pay-for-performance business model, there is no risk to the merchant or the affiliate, thus making the partnership mutually beneficial.

Whether you are looking to improve your e-commerce profits or are hoping to cash in on the large volume of site visitors you receive each day, CommissionSoup wants to work with you. CommissionSoup is always looking for new merchant and affiliate members to add to the growing network of professionals who are embracing the power and profit of the internet. Visit to learn more or enroll in their network.