CommissionSoup Provides Affiliate Marketing to Merchants without the Risk

With so many different affiliate marketing programs available online today, merchants should evaluate their needs with the network's strengths. CommissionSoup, a leading online affiliate marketing network, has specialized in limiting the merchant's risks while maximizing their program's marketing potential since 2001, working with many leading merchants to define their program's needs and goals, then connecting their programs to the best online marketers to achieve them.

“In the early days of internet marketing, branding and retention efforts were measured based on the volume of clicks. Today, merchants are demanding better and focused online solutions,” said Darin Namken, president of CommissionSoup. "For years, merchants have achieved their goals, extended their reach and ultimately increased revenue with our hassle-free, user-friendly affiliate marketing network."

Joining an affiliate marketing program such as CommissionSoup can promote a wealth of new leads, customers, and bottom line revenue for merchants without the risk normally associated with lead generation. Merchants have the option of being as hands-on or hands-off as they'd like. Regardless of the merchant's type of involvement, CommissionSoup has built tools to help the programs succeed while providing their merchants with program transparency to minimize potential risk.

“Traditionally, lead generation has posed a substantial risk; the financial investment needed for hiring additional sales staff and spending money on marketing campaigns offers no guarantee of positive measurable results,” said Namken. “With CommissionSoup, merchants gain exposure, reach hundreds of thousands more prospects, and increase profit – all without the risk or work.”

With CommissionSoup, merchants can create their own affiliate marketing material or use CommissionSoup’s in-house creative department to design attention-grabbing marketing materials for their campaigns. CommissionSoup’s experienced staff provides personalized service, strategically placing merchant offers on affiliate sites with optimal compatibility and monitoring them to ensure accuracy and excellence.

Merchants can view up to date tracking and reporting with CommissionSoup’s unique proprietary tracking system, quickly and easily accessing conversion rates, sales or traffic, in easy to read and understand reports.

Merchants can enjoy all these benefits and more by starting a partnership with CommissionSoup today! For additional information about CommissionSoup or to enroll in the CommissionSoup affiliate marketing network, visit

About CommissionSoup: CommissionSoup provides online marketing solutions through their performance-based affiliate marketing network. CommissionSoup focuses on online marketing solutions by providing an online connection for marketers and merchants to create mutually beneficial relationships. With a variety of online programs to market and cutting-edge technology, merchants can find the programs and options to make their online marketing efforts a success with CommissionSoup.