Takes Silver at ADDY Awards

CommissionSoup was recently honored by the South Dakota Advertising Federation at the 42nd Annual ADDY Awards. CommissionSoup was awarded a silver ADDY in the Consumer Web Sites category for their site, []( "" 'popup').

CommissionSoup developed []( "" 'popup') to strengthen awareness of the Madison area and provide the latest information to residents. Credits for the site include: Ann Garry, copywriter; Lucas Muller, designer; Bob Davidson, developer and Sara Arizmendis, photographer.

“We developed as a service to the community to illustrate why Madison is a great place to live, work and play,” said Darin Namken, president of CommissionSoup. “We feel it is a great asset and are proud to be recognized by the South Dakota Advertising Federation.”

The goal of is to be a [one-stop resource]( "One-stop resource" 'popup') for visitors, residents and those looking to relocate. The site is a detailed guide including the history of Madison, relocation resources, education information, a calendar of events, business directory and more.

“Our staff has done an excellent job designing, making it easy to navigate and find information relevant to each visitor,” said Namken. “The site encourages everyone to “Discover the Unexpected” in Madison and highlights the many [unique attractions]( "Unique Attractions" 'popup') and activities available in this area.”

Advertisers from across the state gathered at the Sioux Falls Convention Center to celebrate and honor the best creative work in South Dakota. The South Dakota ADDY Awards competition is the first level in a three-tiered national competition conducted by the American Advertising Federation recognizing creative excellence. This is the second year CommissionSoup has held membership in the South Dakota Advertising Federation and participated in the ADDY Awards.

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