Tips on Joining a Successful Affiliate Program

With so many affiliate marketing programs available online it can be hard for affiliates to find a successful program to join. CommissionSoup, the leading online affiliate marketing network, has tips on joining a successful affiliate marketing program.

“To be truly successful in an affiliate marketing program, you want to join a network, not just an interactive web site,” said CommissionSoup Client Relations Manager Rick Huntimer. “CommissionSoup provides affiliates with an account representative that is available to answer questions and provide input and general support at all times.”

When deciding on a successful affiliate marketing program to join, affiliates should look at:

Customer serviceAffiliates should choose an affiliate marketing network that provides personal customer service and support by phone or email, not just automated responses. A customer service representative should be working for the affiliate, not just the product. Account representatives who disclose which affiliate programs aren’t working are just as important as those who disclose what is, saving affiliates time and money.

High performing, name brand offers – Exclusive offers are great, but an exclusive offer that is just a re-branded offer found on 10 other affiliate marketing networks will not give the competitive advantage that affiliates should be looking for. Affiliates should look for high-performing offers regardless of if they are exclusive.

Tracking – Tracking should be accurate and efficient. How does the affiliate marketing network track performance? Is their technology in house or outsourced? Affiliates should also consider how payments are disbursed. Many programs issue separate checks for each program or site in which the affiliate is enrolled.

CommissionSoup provides proprietary technology and advanced tracking to monitor performance and commissions as well as multi-site tracking options with separate links for each site. CommissionSoup issues one monthly commission check no matter how many programs are marketed or how many sites the affiliate has.

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