First Digital Mastercard® - Email Affiliate Program

Genuine full-service Mastercard credit card. Accepted nationwide. Designed for US consumers who may have had credit issues in the past.
Quick and Secure Online Application -- It takes only moments to apply.
Build up your credit history with a card that reports to all three major credit bureaus every month.
Designed to help overcome credit issues; you may be approved even if you’ve been declined elsewhere.
Get a result in as little as 60 seconds upon completion of the online application.
Receive your card more quickly with optional Expedited Processing (additional fee applies).
Online Customer Center available 24 x 7.

Marketer Advantages

Strong offer for the under-served consumer segment with non-prime credit. Superior conversion performance; quick and easy online application. Appealing program with attractive cards and permissive approval criteria relative to other non-prime / sub-prime credit programs.

If you are interested in marketing this program, please contact us.