Honest Loans Affiliate Program

A hybrid personal loan offer which combines our insallment loans, and personal loans into one. There is no need for re-application, and it also has an amazing exit offer.

Marketer Advantages

Great EPCs!

Checking account only.
No military
Filter out state of NY
Ages: 20 to 65
Monthly Income $1200 to $10,000
Filter out leads where work phone = home phone
Filter out leads with address that contains PO BOX P.O. Box
Filter out leads where employer is government agency like: military, attorney general, air reserve, air force, army, reserve, usmc, rotc, student, temp, unemployed, unemployment
Next Pay date cannot be a Saturday or Sunday.
Next pay date cannot be a bank holiday: Christmas, New Years Eve, MLK day, July 4th, Labor Day.
Second Pay date must be 7 or more days after the first pay date, and cannot be a Saturday or a Sunday.
Filter out emails that end in .gov, .mil
Accept all pay periods.

If you are interested in marketing this program, please contact us.