Internet Advertising Solutions

Internet advertising solutions can promote a substantial amount of website traffic to your site. The concept of online promotions has been prevalent in marketing budgets for the last five years. Prior to that, some companies tested the Internet waters with online banners or creatives purchased through an interactive marketing agency. Most of these media placements were sold on a cost-per-click basis.

Internet Advertising Solutions Have Changed

Companies were paying for clicks by the thousands (a CPM business model). That meant that all clicks were equal--regardless of whether or not they evolved into an online sale. Marketing executives soon grew tired of reports lacking any substantial data, with no real way to measure the results from their investments. Since then, Internet advertising solutions began the transformation into a pay-for-performance pricing matrix.

Today, companies that invest marketing dollars into Internet advertising solutions do so because the results are measurable and there is little to no cost for ineffective campaigns. This results in a no-risk, big-win situation. With a connected computer in nearly every home in America, consumers are still flocking to the Web in search of product information. Businesses that have not previously advertised on the Web are realizing the increased potential and lowered risk of Internet promotions.

To further quell a business owner's concerns about Internet advertising solutions, CommissionSoup has implemented additional checks and balances to ensure our campaigns are in line with your marketing message and traffic expectations. Our professional customer service and compliance teams work closely with our clients to develop comprehensive campaigns that aptly reflect the image and goals of our customers. The ongoing service measures taken are used to track the activity of each campaign, and the results are accessible to our clients through a web-based secure log in, accessible at any time.