Online Advertising

Is your online advertising drowning in a sea of other creatives, banners and pop-up windows? How do you know that the dollars spent are successfully boosting site volume? Without the latest tracking and reporting technology, you may be unaware of the success (or failure) of your e-marketing programs.

How Effective Is Your Online Advertising?

Half the battle of marketing is reaching the right people with the right message. This goes for traditional marketing or online advertising. Without carefully articulated content, placed in precisely the right location, your efforts may be futile. Once you've mastered these two components, there is still one important piece left.

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your online advertising? A spike in visitors can't necessarily be attributed to a specific campaign. Without investing in excruciatingly expensive web trend and analytic tools, you may never find out how well a creative or banner does. At CommissionSoup, we provide you with the tools and services needed to help validate your marketing efforts.

Through our innovative tracking and reporting technology, CommissionSoup allows merchants and marketers to manage their own campaigns. Through our browser-based system, clients can log in and see the number of new visitors, sales purchased from those visits and which of your marketers are supplying the highest number of leads in the campaign. As a marketing manager, you have all the data needed to validate your marketing strategy.