Affiliate Marketing Companies

Affiliate marketing companies that are enrolled in CommissionSoup's affiliate network are able to reach a customer base of millions in the most cost-efficient, risk-free manner possible. Our customers comprise a network of merchants and marketers, working together to draw profits from the increasingly high volumes of daily internet traffic. Our affiliate marketing programs create partnerships between marketers and merchants, assembling them together for the highest potential effectiveness.

Online merchants find our programs to be a great way to expand their businesses without losing any time or money. Our marketers come from a varied selection of website owners, aiming to convert their site's heavy traffic into revenue. Marketers display banner ads on their sites, promoting merchants with whom they share a common target market. Web visitors can click on ads to visit the merchant, hopefully making a few purchases as well.

Online Affiliate Marketing Companies

The merchants and marketers in our affiliate network share a mutually beneficial partnership. Merchants receive increased exposure, directed at their target market at no expense. Marketers earn commission every time one of the customers they directed to the merchant makes a purchase. In our pay-for-performance module, merchants need only pay out commissions for references that result in an actual sale. As a result, merchants will find that their participation in our program literally pays for itself, generating more business and leads, while simultaneously eliminating expenses.

Thanks to our efficient affiliate networking programs, the idea that you have to spend money to make money no longer holds true. Our carefully matched affiliate partnerships consist of three parties--the merchant, the marketer, and our role as the facilitator. As the facilitator, not only do we enable you to benefit from our cost-free programs, but we also handle the technical and administrative components of your involvement as well. We can compile reports analyzing clicks, traffic, sales, and leads, using our advanced Internet tracking programs. At the end of each month, we automatically issue you a check for your combined monthly commissions.