Affiliate Marketing Services

The affiliate marketing services offered by CommissionSoup provide marketers and merchants with an excellent resource for generating revenue with no initial investment. From the start, we help ensure our campaigns reach their objective, by strategically pairing marketers and merchants. By understanding our marketer's main audience, as well as each merchant's target market, we provide our marketers with links to merchants with the highest cross-appeal. This results in increased traffic, exposure, and sales.

Website owners can profit from their site's traffic by joining our program as marketers. We create affiliate networking partnerships, pairing marketers with merchants likely to appeal to their primary audience. By referring their site's visitors to the online merchants, website owners can prosper by facilitating increased traffic. Merchants pay marketers a commission for every sale resulting from their referral.

Affiliate Marketing Services for Website Owners

Marketers can participate in a variety of partnerships, and can conveniently monitor the progress of all of their programs using a single login. We provide our customers with excellent customer service and affiliate marketing tools, allowing them to analyze the components and effects of each affiliate partnership, and track the links responsible for the most sales.

CommissionSoup's services combine user-friendliness with sophisticated functionality, providing our marketers and merchants with access to measurable results. Our advanced tracking system also allows marketers to quickly create reports, as well as track the performance of each site. As a result, our marketers can efficiently monitor and analyze the performance of all their sites, and adjust their campaigns for maximum efficiency.