Affiliate Marketing Solutions

CommissionSoup's affiliate marketing solutions can help your e-business attract high volumes of online traffic comprised of your target market. Our strategic solutions are designed to benefit both marketers and merchants evenly. As an affiliate marketing facilitator, we help merchant/marketer partnerships generate more revenue using a risk free, pay-per-performance module of online promotion.

Until recently, online advertising was generally based on a pay-per-click module. Merchants using this program would pay commissions to marketers for every visitor referred to their site via the marketers linked ad. However, much like the broad, mass marketing techniques utilized in conventional promotions, such as broadcast and print advertising, the expense of pay-per-click is independent of its effectiveness.

Online Affiliate Marketing Solutions

Pay-per-click online marketing meant that merchants would have to pay marketers commissions based solely on the volume of traffic referred to their online store, even if no sales were made. Our affiliate marketing solutions eliminate the inefficient expenses of pay-per-click in favor of a lucrative, cost-effective program with measurable results.

Our pay-per-performance module replaces the potentially costly, imprecise components of pay-per-click with mutually beneficial affiliate networking partnerships. In this system, merchants only pay commissions to marketers based on the sales or accounts resulting from their referral. This significantly reduces traditional marketing costs, as merchants need only pay for the advertising that directly increases their bottom line. Our affiliate marketing solutions include a wide selection of web-tracking and monitoring tools, as well as our dedication to excellent customer service. As an affiliate network facilitator, we can help merchants and marketers ascertain the efficiency of their programs through detailed site traffic reports.