Affiliate Network Directories

CommissionSoup can help you use your existing website to earn extra revenue through our affiliate network directories. Our affiliate marketing programs enable website owners to earn commissions by promoting merchant sites, based on effective affiliate partnerships. By matching marketers and merchants together based on their shared appeal to a specific demographic, we can help your site generate increased visitors, leads, and sales.

By joining our affiliate network directory as marketers, website owners can access our wide selection of e-business solutions. After your website is paired with a merchant, you can install a banner ad for the corresponding merchant site. Once you've placed the linked banner ad on your site, our tracking programs can help you monitor the resulting online traffic from a variety of angles.

Benefits of Affiliate Network Directories

Affiliate network directories enable merchants and marketers to build lasting, mutually advantageous relationships without financial risk. Participation is risk-free because our networks operate on an efficient pay-for-performance module. As a marketer, you earn a commission for every click originating from your site that leads to a sale. With each sale, the merchant earns revenue and gains a new customer. A percentage of the earned revenue is paid to the marketer as a commission, after the sale is finalized.

Unlike the marketing strategies typically associated with conventional media, affiliate network programs offer both marketers and merchants a reciprocally profitable, risk-free alternative to the expense and ambiguous results of traditional marketing. Our full range of affiliate marketing tools, customer service solutions, and advanced traffic monitoring programs enable you to chart the immediate effects of your campaign in direct proportion to the revenue it generates. By targeting the needs of a shared niche market, our merchants can exponentially expand their businesses without expense.