Internet Affiliate Networks

CommissionSoup's internet affiliate network provides a convenient way to earn a profit online. By helping marketers and merchants generate additional income without requiring them to invest a significant amount of time or money in the campaign, we can offer truly risk-free online advertising solutions. As an affiliate network facilitator and resource, we aim to create highly effective, mutually beneficial partnerships between online merchants and individual marketers.

Internet affiliate networks utilize online marketing tools, such as banner ads, to help an assemblage of websites generate and share revenue. Website owners, known as affiliate marketers, place banner ads on their sites promoting the products or services of a specific merchant. The ads feature a link to the merchant's site, allowing visitors to instantly access the merchant's online site or store.

Joining Internet Affiliate Networks

Because we build our merchant-marketer partnerships based on their shared target demographic, each site promotes the businesses most likely to appeal to their core audience. This helps encourage more potential sales and profit. Unlike the pay-per-click programs that were once an online staple, our affiliate networks are based on pay-for-performance marketing

The affiliate's banner ad facilitates increased, targeted web traffic to the merchant's site, increasing the merchant's business. In return, the merchant pays the affiliate a commission. The commission is paid in proportion to the affiliate-directed traffic. This means that merchants pay only for the advertising that demonstrates a measurable positive impact on profit.

CommissionSoup can help you achieve maximum profitability through our affiliate network system. Our program is designed to match specific marketers with each merchant's target market, ensuring the highest traffic possible.