Affiliate Network Performance

In keeping with our commitment to excellent customer service, CommissionSoup's affiliate network performance resources provide website owners and merchants with reliable e-commerce solutions for receiving the greatest benefits from the network. Our user-friendly system offers merchants a variety of tools designed to maximize profit. Marketers can take advantage of our network to promote as many programs as they choose, without the hindrance of complex registration requirements and at no cost. Our network is crafted to help our marketers start earning commissions quickly and easily.

Marketers can gauge a campaign's performance using the network's many other useful features. Using a single login, marketers can monitor the activity and traffic of multiple sites, and even compare their efficiency and performance. Our complete reports section is designed to help marketers increase profitability, by providing them with the tools to track and analyze the productivity of each partnership.

Tracking Affiliate Network Performance

We enable our marketers to construct targeted campaigns, based on effective pairings of merchants and marketers. This includes all of the promotional materials required to maintain effective affiliate network performance. Our marketers are given instant access to all program updates the moment they become available. We also provide marketers with a full set of banners, ensuring that each program is properly promoted.

Our system is also designed to boost the affiliate network performance by strategically pairing merchants and marketers based on several significant factors. We join the right merchant with the right marketer in order to facilitate the highest amount of pay-per-performance traffic. This works out to higher commissions, which are conveniently paid in a single monthly check, even when marketers participate in multiple networks.