Affiliate Marketing Programs

What are affiliate marketing programs? As a leader in the industry, CommissionSoup cultivates relationships between merchants (companies selling a product or service) and marketers (website owners who receive oodles of traffic on a monthly basis). Together, these relationships help merchants draw in new business, while helping marketers earn some additional revenue through commissions.

Affiliate marketing programs center around a cost per performance module. That means that for every click that leads to a sale, the merchant receives a new customer and revenue from the purchase, while the marketer receives a percentage of commission from that sale. Each new click results in profit for both the merchant and the marketer.

Profit from Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs are the most cost-effective way of promoting your business, increasing traffic and generating new leads. Since the program is based on performance, you don't pay out commissions unless sales are finalized. Therefore, the costs associated with the affiliate program virtually pay for themselves.

How do you know how many clicks led to sales and how much commission should be paid out to the marketers? That's the good news. When you become a member of our affiliate marketing programs, we manage all the administrative, back-end work. We compile reports on the success of your campaigns. We issue monthly checks to your marketers who have effectively steered clients to your site. And you get to sit back and enjoy a spike in sales and the benefits that go along with it.