Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has evolved substantially within the last decade. In the early days of the cost-per-thousand (CPM) business model, marketers relied on the Internet to serve as an awareness tool. Branding and retention efforts were measured based on the volume of clicks. Today, merchants are demanding e-business solutions which promote a high volume of loyal, long-term customers. To achieve these goals, many merchants are building lucrative relationships between thousands of affiliates.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a relationship between a merchant and other associate organizations. As a merchant in this relationship, you use the Web to promote your products and/or services on the associate websites. By expanding your coverage to include a dozen other affiliate sites, your chances of gaining business greatly increase. In exchange for posting your ad on these affiliate sites, the merchant agrees to pay out a commission based on the success of the traffic. With a pay-for-performance business model, there is no risk to the merchant or the affiliate, thus making the partnership mutually beneficial.

Joining an affiliate marketing program such as CommissionSoup can promote a wealth of new leads, customers, and bottom line revenue. Traditionally, the overhead involved in lead generation was a necessary expense. Hiring additional sales staff, spending money on print ads or television commercials, or initiating a nationwide telemarketing campaign requires a financial investment. This investment is a risk--positive measurable results are not guaranteed. What if you could gain exposure, reach hundreds of thousands more prospects, and increase profit all without taking any risk at all?

By joining CommissionSoup today, all this could be yours. By becoming a part of our affiliate program, we can help jumpstart your e-business strategy. Whether you are looking to improve your e-commerce profits or are hoping to cash in on the large volume of site visitors you receive each day, CommissionSoup wants to hear from you. We are always looking for new merchant and affiliate members to add to the growing network of professionals who are embracing the power and profit of the Internet.