Affiliate Program Links

CommissionSoup's affiliate programs links are implemented to help e-merchants generate large volumes of traffic. When you join our program as a merchant, we can immediately begin to help you increase your sales by reaching your target market through our affiliate network or company-owned web properties. Website owners who join our program become affiliate marketers, displaying linked banner or textual ads for our merchants on their sites. This enables the merchants to take advantage of high volumes of web traffic in order to gain new prospects.

Internet-based merchants who use conventional advertising methods, such as print and broadcast mass marketing campaigns, can spend a lot of money without ever generating more revenue. In addition to its expense, conventional advertising is unpredictable and can't guarantee significant results. CommissionSoup allows you to take full advantage of the marketing alternatives offered by the Internet to maximize your profit and reduce your costs.

Efficient Affiliate Program Links

Many early online marketing programs were based on a pay-per-click system, in which merchants paid marketers commission based on the volume of traffic they directed to the merchant site. However, this system could be just as inefficient as conventional mass marketing, as it requires payment without ensuring results. Our pay-for-performance module tracks referrals made by affiliate marketers, who are paid commission based on the sales their referrals generate, as opposed to the number of visitors. This system enables both merchants and marketers to participate in a risk-free partnership.

Our proven-effective programs defy the adage that "you have to spend money to make money," by providing both merchants and marketers with a risk-free way to generate income. Our affiliate partnerships are strategically designed for the highest mutual benefit. Merchants gain new customers, leads, and sales through linked ads displayed on the affiliate websites most likely to attract their target market. Affiliate marketers earn commissions for every visitor they refer to a merchant that results in a sale. This system enables both parties to increase their revenue without sacrificing time, money, or effort.