Affiliate Program Web Sites

CommissionSoup's affiliate program websites encompass a wide range interests, maximizing the appeal and effectiveness of our affiliate network. When you join our affiliate program as a merchant, we enable you to reach your target market through banner ads displayed on affiliate sites. Our effective affiliate partnerships are based on the strategic pairing of merchant and marketer sites for maximum potential benefit.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you expand your e-business by creating the most effective affiliate partnerships. Merchants are promoted on sites proven to draw visitors from their target market. This ensures that the majority of your advertising directly reaches those consumers most likely to purchase goods or services from your business.

Effective Affiliate Program Websites

As part of our commitment to quality customer service, we verify that all of our affiliate program websites are always in compliance with our high standards. By validating the integrity of our network, we enable our clients to take full advantage of the Internet's marketing possibilities risk-free. Our marketing program is founded on the ideal that all funds spent on marketing should show a significant return, and our pay-for-performance system ensures that our merchants only pay commission for referrals that lead to sales.

Our affiliate partnerships consist of three important parties. As the facilitator, CommissionSoup is the third party, dedicated to maintaining the effective relationship between merchant and marketer. We handle all of the managerial aspects of the affiliate marketing campaign, from services to link-tracking, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your business.