Affiliate Program

The affiliate program at CommissionSoup is a no-risk, all-gain solution to promoting your business and generating profit. Conventional marketing methods have proven to be expensive with immeasurable results. How do you know what is working and what isn't?

Focus on the facts. Billions of dollars are spent each year on retail Internet purchases. If you are relying on direct mail, print advertising or radio spots to promote your products and services, there is a good chance you are missing out on potential revenue. How can you refocus your marketing effort to accommodate the growing number of Internet shoppers?

Everyone Wins with CommissionSoup's Affiliate Program

Through the CommissionSoup affiliate program, companies are not only reaching many more prospects each month, but they're doing so with limited financial risk as they are only paying for the prospects who become customers. Our network of clients contains both merchants and marketers who are looking to profit from the volume of traffic generated on the Internet. As a merchant, you have the ability to sponge prospects off of other high-volume websites. As a marketer, you earn cash simply by promoting the services of a merchant.

This mutually beneficial affiliate program is defying the "spend money to make money" theory. Instead, merchants and marketers alike are cashing in on these newfound relationships without up-front costs. When you join our network, CommissionSoup manages the administration of campaigns, the tracking of success, and the payout of commissions.