Best Affiliate Programs

Thanks to our state-of-the-art tracking system, as well as our dedication to high-quality customer service and support, CommissionSoup offers one of the best affiliate programs available. As a risk-free endeavor, our programs are capable of generating instant benefits for both merchants and marketers. We facilitate effective, cost-efficient business-to-business relationships by creating strategic affiliate marketing partnerships between online merchants and website owners.

Our affiliate marketing network is founded on the belief that every dollar you spend on marketing should return measurable results. While the marketing programs utilized in traditional media can be imprecise, expensive, and have a questionable impact on sales, the Internet enables merchants to implement highly cost efficient methods of promotion. Our affiliate programs create successful marketing partnerships consisting of three parties--marketer, merchant, and facilitator.

Best Affiliate Programs with No Risk

CommissionSoup serves as the facilitator in our affiliate partnerships, strategically pairing marketers and merchants for maximum effectiveness. We manage the best affiliate programs as a result of our cost-efficient promotional strategies, risk-free opportunities for revenue, advanced web-tracking tools, effective affiliate marketing solutions, and comprehensive customer service. As the affiliate partnership facilitator, we assume all of the managerial duties in order to maintain an effective, profitable campaign. We compile web-tracking reports, providing detailed analysis of marketer-merchant traffic. Our convenient Multi-View interface enables our customers to simultaneously view the results of all their campaigns using a single login, allowing for comparison and analysis. We also manage all of the earned commissions by combining the totals from each of a marketer's campaigns into a single check, automatically distributed each month the minimum is met.

CommissionSoup offers the best affiliate programs because we can ensure that merchants only need to pay for marketing that results in increased profits. Unlike pay-per-click Internet marketing programs, which offer website's commissions relative to the amount of traffic they refer to a merchant, we use a pay-for-performance module. This system pays marketers for referrals that result in sales, enabling marketers to pay only for effective advertising. Because the commissions represent a percentage of the marketer-generated revenue, our affiliate marketing programs offers merchants an effective, self-sufficient alternative to expensive advertising.