Affiliate Program Management

CommissionSoup is committed to providing marketers and merchants with effective e-business solutions to suit their marketing needs. Our affiliate program management is founded on the informed creation of mutually beneficial e-business partnerships. Our affiliate network programs brings merchants and marketers together, each generating revenue for the other. Our risk-free affiliate marketing opportunities are the best way for you to cut costs as you expand your online business.

Our extensive knowledge of effective marketing strategies lets us help you devise the most beneficial, efficient marketing approach based on your site, the merchant's products, and your combined target demographics. Our affiliate program management pairs your website with an appropriate merchant. Based on your site's content and traffic, you can be paired with a merchant targeting a similar audience to your key demographic.

Internet Affiliate Program Management

The niche marketing approach to affiliate program management provides visitors to your site with links to the merchants they would be most likely to patronize. This benefits both your marketer site, as well as the merchant. By targeting a niche demographic, you can increase your potential commissions by directing more traffic to the merchant site. Likewise, by advertising on a site likely to attract target consumers, merchant sites increase their probability of closing sales and generating valid leads.

Our comprehensive selection of e-commerce marketing solutions provides customers with tools to create, implement, monitor, and analyze effective campaigns. We offer our customers a range of creative services, including the design of banner ads. Our constantly upgraded site monitoring and traffic-tracking tools allow you to analyze the performance of your site from a variety of perspectives, including time-specific, links, incoming traffic, and more. If you're involved in more than one network, our Multi-View site-monitoring tools allow you to track the performance of all your campaigns with a single login. Using these tools, you can manage the performance of your sites, and even implement potentially beneficial changes to your original campaign.