New Affiliate Programs

CommissionSoup's affiliate marketing network provides website owners and merchants with the opportunity to take full advantage of Internet traffic to exponentially increase their revenue. Our selection of Internet tracking, monitoring, and analysis resources provide measurable proof of each campaign's benefits. Likewise, our strategic niche marketing strategies facilitate mutually lucrative partnerships between online merchants and marketers, establishing effective new affiliate programs.

For newcomers, we can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of affiliate network marketing, as well as its potential benefits. By comparing affiliate programs to other methods of conventional advertising, we can help you discover why affiliate networking is the most cost-effective, proven successful method to boost online revenues. Traditional advertising can be expensive, yet cannot guarantee any measure of effectiveness. As an alternative, our affiliate marketing programs are founded on the ideal that all money spent on marketing should return measurable results in terms of sales and leads.

Benefits of New Affiliate Programs

Traditional methods of advertising and promotion, such as television commercials, are paid for before their ultimate benefit can be ascertained. Even earlier forms of Internet Marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising, created expenses independent of revenue. CommissionSoup uses a pay-for-performance system, rewarding marketers in direct relation to the sales or accounts they generate for merchants. Our web-tracking tools record the sales resulting from each referral, and marketers are paid commissions accordingly. This enables merchants to reduce costs by paying only for advertising that leads to increased business.

Unlike conventional media, the World Wide Web offers the opportunity to directly interact with specific niche markets. By facilitating merchant-marketer partnerships founded on a shared audience/customer basis, we enable marketers to expose merchants directly to their target market, increase their customer base, and expand sales. The pay-for-performance approach allows businesses to expand without first investing funds and time into unpredictable mass marketing campaigns. By generating revenue even as costs are reduced, affiliate programs are unquestionably the most flexible, efficient, and potentially lucrative promotional tools for the Internet.