Online Affiliate Programs

Successful online affiliate programs rely on a broad mix of merchants and marketers who work together to produce high-volume website traffic and an increased number of Internet-based sales. This partnership requires the participation of three important groups: the merchant, the marketer and the facilitator.

As the facilitator, our job at CommissionSoup is to promote participation on the sides of merchants and marketers. This is an ongoing process as the size of our membership is a direct correlation to the success of the relationships within it. In addition to acquiring memberships, CommissionSoup also manages the administrative work behind each partnership. Placing the insertions, working on the creative advertisements and tracking the success of each campaign is our responsibility. We also provide merchants and marketers with a detailed status report of the campaigns, which includes cutting monthly checks to all marketers involved.

Full-Service Online Affiliate Programs

As the brains behind online affiliate programs, we've left very little work up to you. This allows you to refocus your efforts on other day-to-day business operations that require more of your attention. Merchants and marketers alike can enjoy the full benefits of this partnership program without investing time, effort or money in the cause.

If you've been considering a membership in one or more online affiliate programs, contact a CommissionSoup customer service representative today. We can help clarify any questions or concerns you may have regarding this partnership. Or if you think you would be a suitable marketer for our network, please contact us to see if you qualify.