Marketing Promotions

How well are you tracking your marketing promotions? The results of traditional marketing media such as direct mail, advertising and TV or radio commercials are difficult to measure. For years, marketing gurus have tried to quantify results of these promotional efforts but to little or no avail.

With heads and budgets now turning to the Internet in search of branding, awareness and sales prospecting, companies are re-allocating funds that were previously reserved for conventional marketing campaigns. CommissionSoup is helping thousands of organizations capitalize on the ease and accessibility of Internet shopping. Through our carefully articulated marketing promotions, our customers are seeing outstanding results without having to deplete their marketing budgets.

We Create Winning Marketing Promotions

When you join the CommissionSoup network, you'll experience a level of customer service and attention unmatched in the marketing promotions industry. We value our clients and their satisfaction on each and every campaign we create. Additionally, our compliance department persistently checks the success and accuracy of each of our campaigns, further ensuring profitability for our clients.

Why should you join CommissionSoup? As a member of this marketing network, you'll receive access to millions of prospects each month. These leads are specific to your target audience, giving you a greater probability of finalizing sales. At no cost to you, membership to our network is a lucrative and risk-free business move.