Pay-for-Performance Marketing

Pay-for-performance marketing revolutionized online marketing and advertising. In the year 2000, many organizations were unhappy with the cost-per-click business module that Internet advertising agencies were offering. Simply clicking on the right link or banner was not enough for these executives. They needed measurable results from their investments.

Online advertising companies began to develop a strategy called pay-for-performance marketing. In this scenario, advertisers were only paying for the clicks that led to consumer activity such as requesting more information, becoming a registered member of the site, or finalizing a purchase. Suddenly, marketing dollars were bringing quantifiable results.

Pay-for-Performance Marketing and Affiliate Programs

At CommissionSoup, we believe wholeheartedly that each marketing dollar you spend should deliver a tangible result. As such, we have implemented the CommissionSoup affiliate marketing program, a risk-free investment to help improve your site traffic and profitability. This partnership will again change the face of internet advertising and pay-for-performance marketing.

How is the affiliate marketing program at CommissionSoup devoid of risk? First, there is no cost to join our network. Secondly, our experienced team of marketing professionals, in combination with our compliance department, work to ensure the campaigns created for your organization generate a substantial profit. Finally, the commission paid out to your marketers comes only from completed transactions, which result from the campaign. Our affiliate marketing programs pays for itself!