Small Business Marketing

Turn small business marketing efforts into big profit through the affiliate marketing programs at CommissionSoup. Our strategy of connecting merchants and affiliates is successfully driving traffic, promoting new sales, and establishing long-term relationships between merchants and customers. If you're looking for an affordable way to grow your e-business efforts, CommissionSoup offers a surefire solution of turning your marketing dollars into pure profit.

Take Your Small Business Marketing to the Next Level

With a network containing a variety of affiliates, CommissionSoup can help boost your e-marketing initiative to the next level. Establishing brand awareness, educating customers and prospects on new products or services, and generating new sales are the core components of our program. Our merchants can experience an exponential growth in website traffic due to their membership in the CommissionSoup program.

How does it work? As a merchant in our affiliate marketing program, the talented staff at CommissionSoup works to strategically promote your organization through specific Internet Marketing channels. These channels include our internally managed web properties, email marketing, search marketing, and the diversification of affiliate sites who host your marketing message on a pay-for-performance basis. The increased exposure helps generate more traffic to your site, in turn resulting in added revenue. This small business marketing initiative is helping hundreds of mid-size and Fortune 500 companies increase sales significantly.

As an affiliate member of CommissionSoup, your small-business marketing plan is helping you generate substantial monthly commissions simply by hosting a merchant's web banner or creative. Small businesses are then re-allocating this money for other e-business initiatives, or pocketing the commission as profit. The relationship between merchant and affiliate is mutually lucrative. Whether you need assistance in revving up your e-business marketing solutions or simply want to redeem extra money by connecting your regular visitors to merchants seeking new business, CommissionSoup is the answer.