Network Marketing

Network marketing plans revolve around strategic relationships with other merchants and marketers. By using each other's strengths, companies are teaming together to improve on exposure, awareness and (ultimately) online sales. These partnerships are mutually beneficial and are therefore one of the easiest and quickest ways of generating site traffic.

Tap the Potential of Network Marketing

We at CommissionSoup realized this potential and thus started an affiliate marketing program of our own. Since its inception we have successfully connected marketers and merchants across the country in their quest to earn more money through the Internet. Our carefully crafted marketing campaigns can be seen on thousands of merchant sites throughout the Web. Every day, our customers are earning new business based on the network marketing program we have implemented.

Network marketing is very different from traditional promotional methods. First, the up-front costs of an affiliate programs are non-existent. Our model is based on a pay-for-performance matrix, meaning that if your campaign doesn't work, we don't get paid. This helps alleviate some of the concerns many business owners have about expensive marketing ploys.

Additionally, our practices are guaranteed to work. Success is found in the right partnerships. A program that may work for another client may not work for you. We are relentless about finding a fitting, profitable program for every member of our affiliate network.