Strategic Marketing

Without a strategic marketing plan, you could be wasting time, effort and money. A marketing strategy relies on multiple cohesive components. Identifying your target audience, determining a successful medium (or media) for reaching that audience, and communicating the right message to those people will help you successfully market your organization.

Implementing an Online Strategic Marketing Plan

As the Internet continues to take front seat in the eyes of both consumers and marketers, CommissionSoup is redefining the need for an online strategic marketing plan. In 2008, it's estimated that consumers spent 146 billion dollars on online retail purchases, excluding travel, according to eMarketer, 2008. Taking these numbers into consideration, CommissionSoup is helping companies grab a piece of this plentiful market.

As a member of CommissionSoup, you have access to a talented team of marketing professionals. Through strategy and creative efforts, we are helping organizations capitalize on the prospective Internet customers. Through strategic marketing initiatives such as banners, creatives, and electronic newsletters, our clients are reaching thousands of potential buyers each month.

The attention of marketers as directed towards the Internet has shifted focus. A decade ago, executives looked at the Web as a resource for information. Today, the sales potential of the Internet far outweighs the branding and awareness benefits. As online spending trends continue to rise, are you taking the steps needed to successfully grow your business?